CLC Mill Creek worth buying/ building?

-- Last Updated: Sep-22-10 10:38 AM EST --

My father has a friend at work who bought a CLC Mill Creek 16.5 kit and lost interest in the project. The guy offered to sell my father the kit for $300. From what I have heard the project is at the point where he needs to start stitching up the the hull so I gather he did not get too far into the build process.

I dont want a 2 seater kayak but for $300 I am tempted to go in with him and buy the boat, build it and then possibly sell it. I have not built a CLC boat yet though I plan on building a Shearwater 17 this winter.

For $300 is that mill creek such a good deal I should pick it up? Are they good Kayaks? Would buying it at $300 make it a good investment boat to build and sell?

Mill Creek
I built a 13 foot Mill Creek for my wife last year. I wanted to try a stitch and glue and it was a fun project. If you have never built a boat and want some practice before you try a Shearwater it might be a good start. Also, I bet you can’t go wrong for $300.

I can’t comment much performance wise. I’m a canoeist. I have only paddled it briefly. I would guess not fast, but it is very stable.

it isn’t an investment
it’s a worthwhile design and a good value. The price of the epoxy is close to $300 alone. Think of it as a faster and skinnier Wilderness Systems Pamlico 160 or larger Pamlico 145.

The construction is a bit crude but a really good introduction to s&g. If the epoxy has been in very cold weather the resin might have crystalized or the hardener has darkened. It’s all good. Just heat up the resin in hot water (in the plastic bottle)and the crystals will disolve. Don’t think of buying it so you can make it and sell it. Make it and use it.

Lee’s got it
I think the Mill Creek is a bit heavy, a little slow, but I enjoyed paddling one at the CLC demo day. I say build it for the experience, then you’ll have something to paddle until you build the Shearwater. Then once you have the ‘real’ kayak, you can try adding a sail rig to the Mill Creek and have some fun.