CLC Pax 20

Anyone out there have any feedback on the CLC Pax 20? Looking for something to do as I rehab my shoulder and am considering putting together one of these kits. Do they go together fairly well? I guess I’m most curious as to how well they paddle and how fast they actually are. I’m a speed freak (boats… not crack!) and am more interested in covering ground (water?) as a form of excercise. I own a Kajak Sport Vivianne which I think is a sweet, VERY fast boat, and wondered if anyone has experience with both to give a solid evaluation. Thought the Pax 20 has some nice lines also. Anyone paddled and/or built one?

Guillemot Night Heron
is derived from the experience of racing an unruddered kayak.

The Pax20 isn’t.

Pax 20
There was some discussion concerning this kayak on before. So, try to search archives (I’am not sure if the search works).

I’ve built another CLC kayak, Patuxent 19.5, a few years ago. It still the most photogenic boat in my fleet.

I biult a CLC boat last year, and loved it. I highly recomend any of their kits, if only for the instruction manual. I had no wood working experiance and I found every thing eazy to understand. They even put little plywood pices it for nail finders and so on. the boat is great, it’s a looker.


I’m in the middle of building a pax as my first real race boat, putting the deck on soon. Has gone together pretty easy