Cleaned and waterproofed garments.

Was easy to do and it worked very well. Next the drysuit.

I’ve not ever used the Soft Shell. Let is know how it works out.

What I have mostly used was the wash in. I do also use the wash in as a spray on to spot treat garments.

I’ve never seen the soft shell stuff. My experience with the TX direct wash in on my Kokatat Expedition drysuit has been less than satisfying.

Tech wash seems to work well, but the last time I had quite a bit of body “stink” from long days in hot weather at the BOFSKS. I ended up spot treating (with agitation) the arm pits and other areas with fully concentrated product before washing. I haven’t been out lately, so not sure whether there will be any residual odour.

Gortex kokatat hat, nylon paddling jacket by solquist, and kokatat tropos pants. We’re in the sink. Tomorrow the same suit as you have. I just made sure when submerged wash goes in the legs and then I agitated by hand about 20 minutes. Then rinsed soft shell with same way by filling legs and dumping out multiple times. Then in dryer lowest heat for 50 minutes. May do drysuit then rinse with hose outside and hang dry. Easier to flush out with hose.

TX Direct is not a wash. Did you use a wash?

@PaddleDog52 said:
TX Direct is not a wash. Did you use a wash?

If this is directed at me, yes. I was referring to the two different products and the experience I had with each.

No real stretch left they just tore easily. Ordering new ones today.

When stretched

Ordered gaskets from / AKA Marshall should possibility get them tomorrow and install Sunday.

Got them at noon. Tomorrow installing. Thanks Marshall

You’re welcome. Tomorrow will be a good indoor project day.

I’d say let’s put the gaskets to use and go paddle Monday as I’ll be in LI but with 44mph gusts predicted I’m not driving a with a kayak on a tall SUV to LI.

See you on the water,
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Trying to go out early tomorrow if not to bad early. Come by I’ll give you a yak to paddle Monday. If 44 moh I’ll take my Boston Whaler and film ya!

We went out today for our 17th Anniversary. Still dehydrated. Went to dinner 3 beers 2 sodas. Now three more bottles of water gone. No problem sleeping tonight. Took Edith we went in two kayaks not the tandem. Didn’t look to bad then we got to a point where I looked back into the waves and wind and told her turn and head back. It was a good time to call it for her to battle back. She did a good job with wind, waves, and boat wakes. Fish must be running tons of boats for the time if year. Saw 5 boats in dark still fishing by bridge coming home from dinner. Nice to eat knowing you burned a bunch of calories just before.