Cleaning a dry suit

Mines getting a bit ripe. What’s the cure?

I have some old neoprene booties I could send you.

I promise if you wear those, you won’t even notice the drysuit anymore.

NRS recommends

I’m doubtful this procedure would take the stink off mine.

wash it
Kokatats instructions



RELATED QUESTION–How do you store it?
My old dry suit had no booties and DIDN’T reach the floor, so I could hang it. The new one DOES, but reaches the floor, so it’s inconvenient to hang it, at least there. I would just curious what others tend to do to store their suits. What do you do?

folded over on a hanger
In the garage…

This could get expensive

We don’t have a garage

Fight odor correctly

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Use "nature against nature" i.e. enzymes

Follow the directions-for the Mirazyme product
Let the solution merely drip off, no rinse step.
Do NOT RINSE or MACHINE DRY - merely air dry

hang it
I open the zipper, hang it and stick the booties inside the body of the suit.

rinse, hang, fold
I rinse mine with fresh water, hang it on a line on the shady porch until dry, and then fold it up loosely in a closet.

The dry cleaners!

cut the booties off
then you can hang it.

(or you could fold it once and then hang it.)

Or you can skip the “potions”…
…and just rinse and air dry your suit, preferably in the sun. That will work just as well and it doesn’t cost you anything. IME, Mirazyme, Sink the Stink and such are a complete waste of money, as they don’t accomplish anything that basic drysuit “hygiene” won’t do.

shouldn’t need to use this
Really shouldn’t need to use this to keep your drysuit fresh. Always rinse the outside off. “regularly” rinse the inside out. Always dry both inside and outside of a suit. Easiest way to dry the inside of the feet is to pull them out the chest in a unisex suit, for women’s suits, just pull the feet out through the drop seat to dry.

After completely dry, either hang or loosely fold in a clean environment.

I’ve actually washed my suit once in 3 years or so, and that was for renewing the DWR coating. My suit has never had an odor. Just rinse it and hang to dry. I probably rinse the outside of my suit 90% of the time, and rinse the inside every half-dozen or so uses. No odors at all.

Oh, also, wear socks! No bare skin anywhere inside your suit.

Wash & Dry …
Granted, mine is a 2-piece dry top and dry pants, but been using them over 3 years now and they do not smell. They do smell after use when I sweat in them, but after rinsing with clean water and drying them on a line (not in the sun), they are odor free.

I’ve only washed the dry top once in the front loading washing machine before renewing the DRW layer. Then after drying (on the line, not in the dryer), applied DWR, then used a heat gun on a fairly low temp to set the DWR in. This worked better than my previous attempts to renew the DWR and keeps the water out a bit better. Still not totally waterproof (gets some dampness in) but better and it did not wear off all on the first couple of uses…

??? It’s easy to keep drysuit nonstinky
I rinse mine with clean water inside and outside after every use. Hang on a bar (or tree) to dry, turning it over after a few hours. If I were on a multiday trip I’d just air the thing out thoroughly each day, then wash as above where there was a chance to do so.

Gore-tex suits are expensive; why not take the very easy steps of rinsing them after wearing? They dry quickly.

Coated nylon garments get really, really stinky if not routinely rinsed and dried. Ugh.

I roll mine
For storage, I found that rolling clothes minimizes crease lines and wrinkles. Not a big deal with regular clothes, but sort of a big deal with wetsuits. So I roll the drysuit, too, figuring it can’t hurt. The sleeves do get folded into the chest first.