Cleaning a glass hull

What do you use to clean algae off a glass hull? I know if I go to the Marine store they’ll have a product but it will probably overpriced . Any common household products that would work and be much cheaper? FishHawk

Toothpaste would probably work
but I like this stuff.

A little Novus 2 and some elbow grease takes the brown stains right off and leaves everything nice and shiney. There are likely auto buffing compounds that are similar and cheaper.

Non abrasive scrubber

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Many non-abrasive scrubbers are on the market from sponges to brushes. Mine is 6 inches by 4 inches with a handle. That and some Dawn do the job.

Auto / boat cleaners
Anything you use on your car is fine for the boat.

Algae comes off once wet with a little soap and a sponge. No big deal.

I like plain old water
nothing added but elbow grease. I wipe them down with a sponge to remove mud etc, but for the most part they are going right back where they got dirty anyway.

I scrub down the waterline with
a bilge sponge every time I take out, but that brown stain remains until I buff it off twice a season.

20 Mule Team Borax - course sponge
Better living through chemistry.

Borax— I like it. For those who have
the time and money, keeping 3M yacht wax on a FG boat will reduce UV damage and make it harder for dirt and micro critters to take hold.

If you don’t mind scratches…
…a random orbital sander would do a fair job of it. ;^)

no- no- no
I have a white Sawyer that had gotten stained over the years and no amount of elbow grease, auto cleaners, or typical household cleaners would get it back to white.

A local marina suggested a fiberglass cleaner that contained oxalic acid that seemd to do the trick nicely. I wiped on the cleaner with a clean cloth, let it set three minutes and then rinsed liberally with clean water. It took all the gunk off and my boat was ready to be shined back to new. Worked well on old chalked FG boats too.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
and water.

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Mineral Spirits
A little bit on a rag will take off pond scum, black marks from racks, etc. Just wipes right off. I have had no detrimental effects on the gel coat, but I only do it once in a while.