Cleaning a plastic kayak

Hey everyone,

Just looking for some suggestions on cleaning rotomolded plastic boats. I noticed on my tempest that there are some black smudges and such that don’t come off with general water and some rubbing. I didn’t want to just start using any grease cutting kitchen stuff without checking to see what the general consensus is on cleaning. I have 303 and use it during the summer to bring the shine back to the plastic but I feel like this stuff just glosses over the dirt. Thanks!

soap and water and a stiff brush

Grease Pencil / China Marker
I once used a china marker to jot down some notes on the deck. WD40 took it off.

anything non-abrasive
Nothing you can get off-the-shelf will harm polyethylene

paddle more…
Paddle more and try to wash it off that way. If it doesn’t come off, then ignore it.

mr clean
eraser sponge

Self service car wash
I have j racks and use the high pressure soap, it washes everything off (including zebra mussels). I roll the boat around while still in the rack and use the rinse to clean out the inside to get any remaining mud or sand out from the inside.

Great ideas
Thank you for the ideas. I am going to pick up a scrub brush and a magic eraser. The previous owner also had stickers all over it which I have to figure out how to get off plus sticker residue. Do you think that goo gone stuff would be ok for this? He even wrote his name in permanent marker on the lip of the cockpit. Another thing I have to clean off.

goo-b gone, goof off, d-solv it
All good for getting sticky residue off and won’t harm your boat.

permanent marker
Alcohol wipes work well for this.

Ok first off the goo gone and magic eraser worked wonders on the stickers and residue left from the stickers. I killed 2 pads but damn did that crap come off fast. It worked on the marker as well so no more previous owner name.

I tried using some spray nine and the eraser for the rest of the boat and while it did get it clean it looks like there is some stuff thats embedded in the plastic. Maybe like one of the previous commenters stated I need a power wash.

BTW I am only doing this because I plan on reselling it and people are picky. I would not put all this effort into my own boat haha.