Cleaning a QCC Kevlar Boat

I have a slightly visible brown water line on the hull. Is there a preferred way to clean a composite boat?

Is automotive type paste wax a good idea after cleaning?

Biodegradable boat wash
gets off the river gunk - and no worries with runoff. Surprisingly effective.

Most days I just use water - but have to rub a little to break the crud loose (like today - bathtub ring of tannins and oils - still came off with no soap).

I would avoid wax. Use a good polish (one or twice a year)- or nothing. Stuff sold for boat is good and same for composite hulls/gel coat. A few bucks more, but why take chances? A little goes a long way anyway.

303 works pretty well on my QCC. Car wax will make it too slippery (tried it to remove some scratches in the gel coat).

What does QCC say?

Haven’t asked

Was wondering what you guys used.

I use 409 for getting

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off the tree sap, backwater dried on waterline scum, and the rub marks my Yakima Hully Rollers leave on the bottom of my 700.

When I wash it, I use Wesley's car wash soap, the main reason being that's what I use to wash my truck. If out of the carwash soap, regular dishwashing liquid seems to work ok too. I have tried the automotive type paste wax to remove some rub marks and it worked pretty well, although it leaves the waxed area as slick as a greased banana peel.

Any standard fiberglass cleaner should work well!

I use soap and water. a freash wax coat will help to keep the brown water stains from re appering