Cleaning a white thermoplastic hull

The instructions say to wash with detergent. Done. Removes the dirt as expected.
Does not remove marks left by contact with any rubber , paint, glue.
Instructions then say to scrub with denatured alcohol and a non abrasive pad. Done.
Good luck with that.
Instructions also say do not use petroleum based cleaners like Goo Gone.
Anyone have a good idea for cleaning?

How smooth is the material? A clay bar might help, if it is smooth.

Smooth as glass.

Try an automotive clay bar and quick detailer for lube. You could also use a light polishing compound with a microfiber cloth. Not really trying to polish, just enough to remove marks

For stains from contaminants like glue, tar, creosote, etc. acetone works well. For stains like waterline scum, leaves, mud, etc. a hull cleaner with oxalic acid is fast and easy. After cleaning, rinse well and apply a UV protectant like 303 or a good marine grade wax.

I’ve usually had good results using a non-abrasive cleaner like Bar Keeper’s Friend or Bon Ami and a stuff scrub brush.

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If the thermoplastic is polyethylene, acetone’s not a problem. But if it’s ABS, keep the acetone far away.

I have found this works well:

Explore Magic Erasers Cleaning Products | Mr Clean®

I get them in most grocery stores. Takes some elbow grease, but gets most marks off well.


FYI, They are just melamine sponges that can be bought at places like Amazon for 1/10 the cost.

Thanks Mike! I also got that advice from someone else.

Magic Eraser Sponges or the equivalent all the way.


I’ve had good results with citrus solutions such as De.Solve it.

The Magic Eraser is so good it’s probably banned in California.
Thanks everyone!

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