cleaning Alps Mountaineering tent ?

Went camping on a horribly rainy weekend…needless to say the tent was covered in dirt and wet pollen. I air dried it and damp ragged the dirt and pollen off, but was wondering if i could put it in a washing machine on a non agitation setting with clear cold water only to get the pollen off. what about the dryer setting that is air only (no heat setting)? Of course this is a single person backpack size tent (really small). Does anyone have any experience doing anything like this or any other thoughts? Thanks in advance.

no to top loader
Probably OK in a front loader w/o agitator. BUT, best way I have found to wash a tent is to set it up in the backyard and hose it down, first outside then inside.

Let it dry and good to go.


That’s my method. Works every time.

Hang it on the line, spray it off, let it dry.

gotta get a clothes line i guess :o)

Just set it up
No clothesline needed.
just hand wash it in the sink with a mild dish soap. much better an either top or bottom loader washers

I’ve put mine in the washer on gentle
cycle. Air dry on line or deck, set it up, check for any repairs that may be needed, fix if necessary, use seam sealer, then spray it with water repellent stuff made for tents.

I’ve had my tents for years and prefer them over our old motor home. Love sleeping with night sounds.

such great advice…
yep…i could have set it up…but we were still soaked on Monday. but i think because it’s so small, i could just rinse in the sink and toss on air only in the dryer. lots of great comments though. seems like a pretty lame question now though. i think i over think things sometimes. SIMPLIFY is best. thanks yall.