Cleaning aluminum gunwales

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I have a 1999 dagger reflection 17 with Royalex hull and aluminum gunwales in pristine condition. The previous owner stored it indoors for the past 15 years. He only used it 4 times. The problem is that he used packing tape to add styrofoam pipe insulation for gunwale protection. When I removed the tape, the adhesive didn't come off. I've tried goo gone but it's not strong enough. Any suggestions to remove the tape glue successfully without harm to the boat?

rubbing alchohol
usually works pretty well to soften up and help remove glue

Ive been using a heat gun very carefully this morning and its working but so far I’m an hour in and only half of one side is done. I’ll try the rubbing alchohol too.

WD-40, sprayed onto a rag, is also a good adhesive solvent

Turtle wax

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Sells a green/white spray can in Wal automotive wax n cleaners. Averted as a sticker remover.

This concoction digests greases n wax n contains deodorized acetone pressure treated wood ? This can is yours

Use the spray from upwind with a mask or towel wrap. gloves.

Ecellent for chip sealed rocker panels,
A step down from disc n drum cleaners, Gumout....

TW STICKER REMOVER is a finish cleaner after chip seal is wiped off with thinner.
Detailer are reported washing vehicle then spraying the body...but only painted metal
wirk...with TW...before compounding.

Does not work on socks