cleaning carbon shafts

I’m wondering what to use to clean off the sticky price tag residue that’s on my carbon fiber paddle shaft. Silly question, maybe, but I haven’t had carbon fiber paddles before. Thanks!

Avoid acetone. Carbon fibers are safe
but the resin is an epoxy, and acetone will attack it. Rubbing alcohol is OK, and of course water and things like “surface cleaner” are OK. There are products on the market for removing stickers, but just be careful about solvents.

cleaning carbon shafts
Thanks! I’ll just use a little alcohol.

great smelling and gentle. you can use it everywhere. Just a drop on a cottonball. get as much of the shiny tape part off and rub real good with the citra-solve. I find it the grocery store in the natural section or a whole foods type of market.

Goo Gone - works great

MEK and do it right
get’s the glue off for sure!!