Cleaning catfish

I’ve been fishing a lake recently where I’m catching 50 to 50 bluegills a day (four hours) and 4 to 8 catfish. The cats are a bonus as its the 'gills I’m going for. Anyway, I know how to skin and filet catfish, also how to cut those weighing five + lbs into steaks. However, I’m wondering if the damn things can be skinned with a filet knife rather than yanking the skin off with pliers or nipper. Has anyone done it that way? Did it work?

Try this !
Dip them in boiling water and the skin slips right off . A pain for a few fish but ifyou have a lot of them to do , it’s great !

My mother used to do that with the
small ones. She never saw a fish too small to eat. Of course, the limits were pretty liberal back then too. Didn’t know it would work with ones over about a pound, will try it.

cleaning cat
Yes the hot water is great but if no hot water filet … then lay the sides down flat and hold your knife at a 30 deg and pull it on the board . The skin well come off .

I filet like I would a bass or whatever. Just get the piece started, make your beginning cut to remove skin from filet on the piece (getting the skin separated from the filet) and work it with your knife.

Field and Stream tip
in the July edition on page 28 is a simple method to skin catfish. I haven’t tried it but i looks as though it should work ok.let us know and save us a helping of hush puppies!!!

I’ve got that copy. Bought it for the
article on gator gar. I don’t know if that method will work on 2 to 6lb channel cats, the kind and size I’ve been catching, but will try it and report back. Supposedly, we have bullheads in Texas, but I’ve never seen one unless its what we call “mudcat” and hardly anyone eats those.

Check out
a website for Brotherhood of Catfisherman and you will be able find what you want. There is even a message with photos showing how to do it with an electric knife.

You also can find a lot of interesting links at