Cleaning/ deoderizing kayak

I haven’t taken my kayak out for about 2 weeks now. It just been up against the house during this time. I was planning to take it out tomorrow, so I pulled it out today. And there was a dead bird… yes a dead bird on the seat, the only non-plastic part of the boat. Along with dead bird were about 30 maggots. IDK if the bird was a gift from my cat or something else happened to it. Anyway its been there a while. I’ve cleaned the kayak out best I can, and sprinkled baking soda all over the seat cushion(which isn’t detachable BTW). It there any other way to get it too smell better?

The smell of the dead bird and the
maggots, would be a welcome smell to my kayak.

I could lend you my kickers,to help deoderize your yak, but the dead bird would probably wake up and fly the coop after the first whiff.



Maybe some white vinger

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Gits rid o' neoprene stink, might woyk wit yer cushion.

Iffin' vinegar dun't woyk, yer kin always use de now vinegary seat cushion ta make some "buttermilk" salad dressin'....

Git it... "Butt"ermilk... Haw haw hee hee, gawf, sputter, gawk!


I hope you’ve learned your lesson!
Which is… never, ever, let a boat sit for two weeks without giving it some quality paddling time! If your time is limited, several times a week should be adequate until you free up more time for paddling.

Now, about the seat pad cleaning…

Carbon based life form decomposition is a determined foe, and often requires an equally determined effort to defeat. The vinegar FatElmo recommended is worth a try, but you may have to go for the big guns; bleach. I would worry less about messing up some color than I would about not getting the seat really free of bacteria and its accompanying aroma.

Good luck! And again, the easiest way of preventing this situation in the future is to maintain a more reasonable paddling schedule. :slight_smile:


Simple Solution
Try soaking it in Simple Solution, an enzyme-based deodorant available from PetSmart and the like. Probably need more than one treatment by now.

hydrogen peroxide
should do the trick. It will also completely remove and bloodstains, etc.

Second that
Simple Solution worked great to get the dead mouse smell out of my slippers at the cabin.