Cleaning fiberglass hull?

I’ve been paddling my Current Design Gulfstream, red top, white hull, in the local bayous including some brackish water sections. I’ve now got a yellowish/brown stain along the waterline. Not having much luck getting it off with car wash liquid, Simple Green, Windex, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Good cleaner wax like 3M. If that doesn’t work use an acidic hull cleaner used on boats. You don’t want it on anything but the fiberglass. You may have to use plastic and tape off deck and skeg especially if you do it hull up.

I have used MaryKate and Starbrite. You could use the gel cleaner also. Don’t use on concrete surfaces or grass you care about.

Those white clorox sponges work great. Takes that scum easily.

Another vote for Star Brite Hull Cleaner. Fast and easy to use. Biodegradable. Gloves are recommended as it contains oxalic acid. Been using it for many years and it has not had any issues with other components on a Kevlar kayak.

I use Starbright on my fiberglass boats or the generic version from Walmart.

Ordered a bottle of Starbright hull cleaner from Amazon and just got it today. Man, this stuff is great! Got rid of the brownish waterline stain in minutes and made the whole hull look like new. Thanks for the replies, guys.

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Can that Starbright hull cleaner be used on a deck to remove water spots from gel coat? I’ve tried vinegar and water, polishing. No love.

Yes. It has a mild abrasive and a wax.

I’m curious as to where these water spots came from. Most water spots from things left behind when water droplets dry just rinse right off.

Am guessing they’re spots left by minerals in the waters of Lakes Superior and Michigan. The kayak in question is a kevlar demo boat I purchased and the spots were present when I brought it home.

No it is very acidic and may affect deck lines an do SS hardware’
depending on what they are made of. Wet a tiny cloth with vinegar and make a poultice and let it sit for a hour… Buff them out with mild compound and or wet sand out with 1000 grit wet paper or finer. Then buff with cleaner wax.