Cleaning fish

Can one clean fish with lake or ocean water or dose it need to be filtered? I would think that cooking would kill anything in the water but I just wanted to make sure.

always rinse
your fish with clean water,after cleaning, I have 3 commercial boats and no crew member handles any fish without rubber gloves,overly precautious ,yes, but when you hear of other fisherman getting wierd infections that won’t go away, or ever had fish poisoning just’ll be careful also. In Pamilco sound , they occasionally have a “flesh eating disease” infect them and the menhaden(bunker). not to put you off fish,but that pond water, might also give you a dose of the “trots” Don’t drink the water or the ice" (old mexican saying")

Fresh water
I always use lots of fresh or filtered water to rinse my fish. A hundred yards upstream around the bend from where you caught that monster trout might be a dead, decaying deer lying in the river. Probably the heat during the cooking process would kill most germs. But, you can’t be too careful.

Freshwater fish
I don’t know much about about salt water fish, but cooking a fish will kill any questionable criters.

In Korea and Japan
they clean the fish IMMEDIATELY after taking it from the water whenever possible, in the water they caught it in. The belief that the intestines and such are more of a threat to the safety of the fish than the water they live in.

I always immediately gut and remove the gills of all the fish I catch in the same manner, and have never had a problem with parasites.


Just a quick word
If you’re out fishing from your paddlecraft…Check your local regulations before you start cleaning fish.

Here in Louisiana, it’s illegal to have cleaned fish in a boat. The fish must be whole, due to several size limitations.


we gut immediatly
also but removing the gills donesn’t seem necessary/they then go into an ice brine/like Mcporche’s illegal to fillet fish on the water they must be brought to the dock whole here in fla.

In Florida Be Careful
Be careful about cleaning fish in lakes and rivers in Florida. It will attract Gators.

In Florida Be Careful
Be careful about cleaning fish in lakes and rivers in Florida. It will attract Gators.

The reason to
remove gills, is to bleed the fish. ((They also spoil faster than other part sof the fish)) This bleeding removes some of the “Fishy” taste and smell that is stronger with certain species of fishes… Fr instance Mullet and Bonita.


our market wants the gills
left in, that bright red color is an indicator for the customer the fish is fresh. we mainly get black grouper ,hogfish and mutton snapper so the fishy taste isn’t a problem, we use bonito for chum or bait.

there you go about the gators again cuda , im beginning to think you are a seminoles fan , lol