Cleaning Goretex dry suit

I understand there is a special soap that should be used. Can’t seem to find the name of it. Anyone know?


There are a few
including plain mild soap, but I’d call Kokatat (or whoever made your suit) and ask them. With such an expensive piece of gear, I’d go right to the source and not rely on anyone’s opinion.


When in doubt
I always defer to the Kokatat website for answers to questions like this.


You wash it with the Tech wash and then use the TX Direct wash-in or the spray on.

McNett Wet Suit & Dry Suit Shampoo
Kayak Academy sent me a sample tube of this stuff with my loaner Kokatat Gor-tex suit. Barb and George know their stuff. McNett is probably what’s recommended on Kokatat’s site, but I haven’t looked.

Paul S.

Have Kokatat Dry suit
I’ll try their site.

Thanks all!


actually recommends NikWax but I doubt that George and Barb would recommend a product that they hadn’t tried themselves. They’re good folks.

The quintessential answer.

I personally wouldn’t
put my drysuit in a washing machine, as Kokatat recommends. I’d use a Rubbermade tub or similar and swish it around by hand.

Am I just paranoid?

Paul S.

No way, Aquaman.
As much as these things fricken cost…I rinse mine in the tub.

Gore says
Just use soap.

Front Loader ONLY
I use a front loader to wash mine. Don’t use a regular washing machine with an agitator in the center. That could cause damage.


Ah, yes, Kokatat does specify
front loading machine. My bad.

Paul S.


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Use the Nickwax. I am actually very surprised that the Gore website recommends normal soap.

I have spoken to several reps in the hi-tech clothing business (Arc Teryx, Golite, etc) and they have told me not to wash any waterproof breathable fabric in normal soap.

Normal soap leaves residue that will not wash out completely. It can clog the micro pores in the material that makes it breathable.

In fact, they don’t even recommend washing hi-tech materials in the normal washing machine because of the detergent residue remnants that will be present.

A bottle of Nickwax techwash will last for several washes and is well worth it if it prolongs the life and performance of your $1000+ dry suit. Make sure to handwash it too.