Cleaning hull of kayak

I recently purchased a Epic 18X. It’s my first composite boat and I was wondering what folks were using to clean the hull of their boats. I mostly paddle on rivers and lakes and I’ve noticed that a brown film is accumulating at the waterline. Any help would be appreciated.


Sponge and water…
Maybe a little dish soap if it’s stubborn.

Stay away from steel wool… :slight_smile:

of equal parts of wash & wax concentrate, water and white vineger. Spray on and wipe.

Joy works on everything…

I use Soft Scrub but I’m into no wax/oil on the hull. On the deck I use 3M FG cleaner and wax.

Start with soap and water, but if something doesn’t come off try goof-off. It’s a latex paint remover and pretty strong, so you might want to wear disposable gloves when working with it. It’s great for cleaning the dark spots on the hull from where dirty rack pads rub on it. It works fine on gel coated fiberglass boats but I don’t know if I’d try it on plastic…