Cleaning Kayak

I have a QCC kevlar kayak & wonder if 303 is a product to use after I wash the kayak.


Robert G

this subject has been highly discussed on the forum.

IMO, if you want a slightly greasy feel that literally washes off the boat the first time you put it back in water, sure.

I wax my composite boats once a year and wash 'em out if they’re real sandy/ muddy. otherwise…just paddle!


I thought QCC’s required different care than any other boat.

Every owner of one always has to say it’s a QCC boat and not just a Kevlar boat.

Kevlar is Kevlar. Didn’t QCC give
you cleaning and care instructions?

All you can do is
wash when dirty, try to to keep it in the shade & consider making a boat bag.

that’s right. my bad.

use Armour-all.



I forgot one thing
After you Armour-all it, make sure you keep it away from all water.

It will last longer that way.

That is what my wife uses on hers.
Mine too, he, he, he.

I use the hell out of it and could care less what it looks like.

She, being a neat lady will wash them both and then use 303 on them.

The next day I will grundge mine up again.




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if you follow the instructions for 303, you first wipe it on and then wipe the kayak until the surfacce is dry. Once you have done that it will be absorbed by the gel coat and not wash right off. I just use it on the deck of my QCC to protect the gel coat color, wax the hull.

Kinda like waterproof sunscreen, you need to let it absorb for 10-20 min. before going in the water, otherwise it will wash off.