Cleaning my Poly Kayaks

I know, never store your boats outside - but I didn’t have a choice this winter and now they are filthy and the home to numerous multi-legged creatures.

My first thought was just to run them to the spray wash but then I worried the pressure would be too great and could gouge the plastic or otherwise damage the boats. How can I get down into the tips of my touring boats to rid them of spiders and mud without damaging the boat?


power wash
I just did mine at the self-serve car wash. Don’t fear gouges or scratches, the poly isn’t that soft.

intimacy with your boat
Simple Green and a rag works well. Spend some time feeling your boats curves. For glass boats, it’s a great time to discover the minute spider cracks that often get overlooked. But, blasting your boat with pressurized water will not hurt it either. Treat your boat to a coat of UV Tech or 303 when you are finished.

I store my poly boat outside all winter, but in a tarp. It is still strong, no fade and hasn’t turned into a pumpkin yet.

funny thing
I get a strange sense of satisfaction from washing my boats, almost as much as getting them dirty.

Simple green in a spray bottle, MR. Clean, Formula 409, etc. and a sponge with a scrubbie on one side does a good job. Of course rinse well, inside and out. repeat if you want.

powerwash and 303
Some of the waterways I ply around western new york are downright filthy…

I tend to stop off at the robo wash with the plastic america and power wash it right on the ranger then let it air day as I drive home and 303 it before putting it away…

Now;I’m a wee bit gentler with the s&g artic tern.That gets a sponge and towel dry