Cleaning old Royalex ??

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....... We just got an old Royalex canoe , and I am trying to clean it up .

It is in fantastic condition with amazingly only a few very minor sratches . The seller (original owner) said she used it alot over the years (it's a 1984 Acadia recently posted on the Discussion board) , but looks almost like it was never used ??

It spent the last year out under the trees in shade at the edge of her yard according to her . All the woods grim came right off with no problems .

What I would like to do is get the light tan interior color looking like there are no stains in it .

It's my understanding that from new Royalex weeps production added oils out of the vinyl skin layers for many years .

What I think these stains are , is those oils which have darkened to a brownish color (absorbed the yuks ??) in a "Leapord" pattern .

I have been using regular dish soap and a sponge in hot water , wash , rub , wash , rub , wash , rub , repeat !! ... this works pretty good after 20 or 30 times over the same area , lol ... the light interior looks clean in the areas I have concentrated on , without stains , but that final ghost of a stain is a bitch to the end .

Old Town site says use Denatured alcohol to address stains ... my guess is these stains were never addressed since new , lol .

Royalex stain experience anyone ??

Eric , just tried a small test , Acetone

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..... no doubt about it , the stains come right out completely with ease .

It works so well in fact , I'm a bit concerned what else the Acetone may be doing to the vinyl and or ABS layers just below .

Wonder if the Acetone could effect the (vulcanization , probably not correct word??) of the different material layers and cause something like a delamination effect ??

I really hate experimenting with stuff like vinyl that I am not familiar with !! ... I "know" I can put Acetone on Polyethelene all day long with no adverse effects , but vinyl and ABS ain't polyethelene !!

It should have had plenty enough time to evaporate completely by now . Im going back out to inspect the vinyl and go from there I guess .

thanks for the siggestions Eric ...

Pressure washer
And not a cheap homeowner version, but a high-pressure pro model from the rental place.

My 19 year-old Penobscot has spent the second half of its life stored outdoors and, every year, the inside surface develops those splotchy dark grey mildew stains.

I used to remove the seats and thwarts to scrub out the whole interior using a bleach/water solution. Gloves, buckets, goggles, old clothes, stiff plastic bristle brushes, sponges, and, my favorite, Dobie scouring pads, all had to be rounded up for a two-hour long session out in the driveway. It all worked pretty well but, man! What a chore!

The pressure washer does a better job in a quarter the time and my elbow’s not sore for two days afterward.

One note of caution: A high-pressure power washer will remove decals, varnish, paint or even wood, so watch out!

have used high pressure washer on …

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..... on various things a number of times before , either rented or borrowed . Don't own one .

I understand well they can eat stuff right up if not careful . The softer the more caution needs be exercised is all I know !!

Right now , the Acetone is doing an excellent job , and I am only working small area at a time being careful not to let the surface stay too wet too long .

What I "really want" to do is give it a "soaking wet Acetone bath" because the more wet the surface the quicker the stains disapear ,

"BUT" , common sense and knowing to some degree how Acetone affects vinyl , is forcing me to take the slow cautious road ... it's working well , and 100 x's faster than trying to rub it out with just the soap and sponge .

As long as this canoe and it's layers stay stuck together after this "major" Acetone cleaning , all should be honky dory ... imagine the surprise I have invisioned , when after a few weeks the canoe starts doing strange things because I did this initial cleaning after 24 years with "Acetone" , lol ... I sure hope not because I'm committed now , 1/3 done .

Expecting just regular soap wash maintenance after this initial cleanup .. it's a nice looking boat , I think ... putting it through the paddling paces comes next !! ... then it ought to be a good loaner for some of our non-paddling friends who express interest in going out with us sometimes ... like to offer my best to friends ya know ... we like our Expedition canoe and aren't afraid to bash it in a pinch , don't care to use stuff I have to baby .

Besides , having this canoe to freshen up is taking my mind off something that has recently torn my spirit and soul out ... even participating in these forums again is helping me find some peace and acceptance ... haven't got any tears left right now , all dried up ...

Use Simple Green with a scotchbrite pad if that disnt work get some Barkeepers friend and scrub with that.I havnt had a boat yet that didnt clean up with those two products and they can be bought at a grocery store.

thanks all …
… I think I’ll get some Simple Green for regular future maintnance … everyone says good things about that stuff , I haven’t used it ever , yet .