Cleaning Poly kayaks

We just picked up a 14.5
WS Cape Lookout as it fits my partner better than the 14.5 Perception Carolina which always seemed like oversized pants.
Anyway it has some paint(?) around the rear hatch cover, which may have been replaced.

Any suggestions as to the best was to get it off?

I’m also cleaning the Carolina up to sell and I’m having trouble getting off what seems to be brownish stains on the granite colored deck and hull.

So I could use some poly cleaning secrets.

I’m not big on chemical cleaners, but sometimes you have to go there. I use Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser. It worked miracles on my iSUP, and I’ve since used it on other scummy stuff. They make a very pricey Marine version, but I was told it’s the same thing, just marked up in price.

I wet the surface, spray on the cleaner, let it sit just a bit, then I use a scrub brush while keeping it wet, and finally rinse. It’s good stuff. Use sparingly.

Thank you. Where do you usually get it from?
And do you think this would have any effect on the paint that’s around the back hatch of the Lookout, or just to clean up the stained one?

Depending upon the surface and the stains, magic erasures can work well. I used to use them on my poly boat.

Mr. Clean® | Magic Eraser Extra Durable (

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My Kroger used to carry it. No idea on the paint, but the Magic Eraser Greg suggested is a good idea. Heck it might be all you need. You can get unbranded or store brand versions of those that are a lot less expensive.

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Magic erasers and Simple Green are usually my first line of attack. You might be able to sparingly use acetone to remove the paint but I would not leave it on the plastic for long.

It figures that if you are trying to paint over plastic, nothing sticks, but if there is paint there that you don’t want, it will stay on for eternity. (Same with varnish - starts flaking and peeling off wood way to soon, but if a drip gets on the fiberglass it takes a lot of elbow grease to remove it)

That was my thought as well about the paint. My mom tried painting an ugly yak that she got in a trade, that didn’t last long and ended up looking worse after it started peeling off in random places.

I am a little concerned because the paint is on a textured part of the deck.

Magic Erasers are abrasive so don’t go to hard with them. I found out the hard way cleaning my truck’s interior.

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So very true. They remove more than just the stain.

Who paints a polyethylene boat anyway? These boats are heavy enough.

Do a carbon fiber wrap poly hulls get lighter!

Mind over matter!

VViViD Epoxy High Gloss Carbon Fiber Automotive Vinyl Wrap (1ft x 5ft, Black)

10 lb. Lighter in your mind when lifting.

My mind loses to my back lifting anything.

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So… That looks like something one might be able to have some fun with. Yes, that definitely gives me ideas. It’s not actually very heavy, looks very thin. 1’x5’ is .317 oz although the far more attractive high gloss version is over double the weight.

I bought some I may make a stripe. Good thing is just peel it off if I don’t like it.

3M 680 Orange Reflective 14 2ft x 2ft Scotchlite Reflective Vinyl Film Roll Sheet

Good for night time too.

The reflective wrap seems useful. Wonder if you could cut it into shapes? I’m thinking reflective markings on white bottom of a kayak.

Yes cut it up but won’t be able pull and stretch. I guess material doesn’t stretch because CF pattern would be off.

Guess there’s little chance I’m going to get anymore cleaning suggestions. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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We have short attention spans.

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To be honest I was hoping you’d get some good advice. I have a polyethylene kayak and I’ve found it challenging to get clean. And large swathes of it are white. The smooth sections are easy, dish detergent, hot water, and a soft brush. The textured sections though… Especially the molded in foot rests (it’s a SOT). I’ve tried every different scrub brush I own, including the ones that mount to the drill.

I figure there must be some particular specific cleaner that’s like magic on textured polyethylene. Someday I hope to learn what it is.

You could try Zinsser JoMax house cleaner. I use it on my house, which has textured vinyl siding, as well as plastic chairs, etc. It worked wonders when just about everything was heavily stained by aphid honeydew a few summers ago.

Spray it on, wait five minutes, then rinse. Stubborn stains will need another application and a bit of scrubbing with a brush.