cleaning road grease

every time I take the kev tempest out on the j hooks or the saddles I get grease and gunk on the deck and hull. Acetone cleans it right up but I wonder how much gelcoat I am taking off as well.

Any other products that work without messing with the gelcoat?



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is my first resort before solvents. I also find gunk sticks less to a waxed surface.

EDIT - Goo Gone and other citrus based cleaners.

Try mineral spirits
Much less aggressive than acetone.

Yup, naptha too.

Anything with d-limolene
Citrus based cleaners should work too.


Use simple automotive mechanics handcleaner like DL or Gojo. It is especially made to cut grease. I have never had a boat finish degrade. You can even let it set and hour or two to work in deep. Then wash it off with some regular car wash soap.

Any liquid detergent works good


WD-40 nm

WD-40 hands down the best.
If I could dip my whole car in it I would. Amazing how well it cleans. Years ago I brought home a 1970 Superbird with less than 4,000 original miles on it. It had been sitting in a dirt floor barn for quite a while. 2 gallons of wd-40 later it looked like a new car. Exterior,underbody, engine compartment, and some portions of the interior. Love it. It wil not hurt the paint/gelcoat. I have used on many of my boats. Bill

Dish detergent

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I use Dawn--you know, what they used to wash waterfowl sogged down by the Exxon Valdez goo. Cleans grease well. If that's not good enough, try GoJo hand-cleaner (the stuff you use after working on cars) followed by a regular soap-and-water wash.

Me Too - WD40

A quick wipe w/acetone not hurting
the gelcoat other than stripping off any wax if you wax the boat.

If the boat is old and chalky with open ‘grain’ so to speak … Acetone will take some off.