Cleaning the inside of my boat

My fiberglass Cetus is looking pretty gross inside, dark scary things are probably growing, it it certainly discolored.

I’m guess I can put some bleach/water mixture in there. I dunno, 1/2 cup per gallon maybe. It should be a few gallons to cover the bottom, and let it sit overnight.

I’ll likely use my pump to pump it out and have it drain down the driveway. Mmmmm, maybe I should dilute it tons, but then the boat would be really heavy to turn on it’s side to dump.

Good idea? Bad idea? Anything better?

I usually just sponge mine out after a paddle and call it good. Occasionally I vacuum out the sand that likes to accumulate between the seat and the rear bulkhead. I only have a hand pump.

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I’d hose it out first, remove anything big that will needlessly use up the chlorine. Per Clorox website add 1/3 c bleach per gallon. I’d go with a couple of gallons and figure out how to move the boat to swish everything around so you wet the whole interior. Consider how to avoid spillage and where/how to dump the water. If you can seal the cockpit the fumes will help too.

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I clean the inside and outside of my boat every time out.
Invasive species prevention


Sponge out after a trip and leavr the hatch inside so air blows the compartment dry. I bought a used boat that was partially submerged.

Bleach mixture in a spray bottle may be easier. Use a stiff cleaning brush. Ihad finished cleaning my vinyl siding with a great product. Destroys algea. No need to buy kust for the boat, butnif you have algea in siding, this does double duty.

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too late!

sweet, I was close.


make sure it is thoroughly rinsed and dried. You don’t want a bleached seat; either yours or the kayaks.


Good point! At that step I can turn her upside down and just use a hose to rinse


Clorox has started making several different strengths of their bleach, so be sure you read the package to get the correct mixture.

Also, the “splashless” variety does not work as a disinfectant if that matters to you…

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How’s your car interior :laughing:

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7 minutes in a rack or stands I can wash clean rinse dry inside of hull. After even an hour of paddling there’s no time for that? Black mold can get you sick.

No problem with a bleach solution inside the craft but I wouldn’t use a pump to remove it. I have ruined too many manual spray bottles applying bleach solutions. The valves degrade quickly. Clean the boat where you can dump whatever solution is left without too much environmental impact. And remember that the longer the solution stands, the weaker it becomes.

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I clean inside of the boats by using a one gallon pump up sprayer with 1/3 cup /gal - bleach/water . Just wet it. Let sit a few minutes and wash.

Flooding is a waste of everything.

Note bleach corrodes metal. Make sure to rinse good.

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Nice, I like it. I don’t have a sprayer but I can wear gloves and use a sponge…

Sprayer is $10 to $20 at home Depot. Recommend the HD Pressure Washer environmental bleach. You can also spray bleach solution on driveways.


Be careful if using bleach on a concrete sidewalk or driveway. It will quickly lighten the concrete that it gets on. Asphalt seems to do just fine.

Rinse thoroughly to dilute the cleaning solution to avoid damaging plants and grass.

A bit of a mild detergent like Dawn added to the bleach mixture wouldn’t hurt.

I used to mix my own stuff but the store bought stuff is more environmental.

Before and after pictures?


It’s been way to hot to mess about with boats (and I’ve been messing about with my Jeep since my Jeep friends had some time available…)


Gotta agree. Heat and humidity are not my friends.