Cleaning up RTV Sealant

I’m pulling my rodholders and such from a boat that is being replaced under warranty and I need a good way to remove all the RTV sealant from the plastic parts. The thin stuff I can just rub and pull cleanly, but the thick stuff appears to be holding on tight.

Any tricks for cleaning this stuff up?

I think it was the 66BR silicon from Permatex (if that matters)


3M sells a removal solvent…
…but if you can find hexane, it works, too. You can always try my old standby, lacquer thinner. It will at least loosen the material and allow you to pull it off. BTW, I’m assuming that this is a polyethylene boat. If its made of another type of plastic, test an inconspicuous spot before using lacquer thinner.

Is being used at work, but I am not sure what availability is for a consumer.

Anyways, since google rules the world…

Of course, you needn’t buy from it Amazon, local hardware store might work out