Cleaning Wenonah Kevlar Ultralight Canoe

-- Last Updated: Apr-26-14 8:49 PM EST --

Just purchased a Wenonah Kevlar Ultralight, and it has some grime on the hull, which I think is sap buildup. What do you recommend I use to clean it, and any specific recommendation for wax? Additionally, same products for a Wenonah graphite hull?

That’s vinylester resin. Mild products
to clean car paint should be OK. Try to use one that does not have the fine polishing grit often in one step car cleaner/waxes.

Kaz of Millbrook recommends a high quality liquid or paste wax designed for yachts, speedboats, which are laid up with vinylester or polyester. I use one from 3M. There’s a guy on this board who may drop by, and if he does, he’ll diss yacht wax and recommend another substance, and his arguments are convincing, on the face of it. I just don’t remember what the substance is. 3M yacht wax works well for me, lasts a while, and has some UV inhibitor.

On the carbon boat, be careful, try not to create white appearance on the surface. Do your Kevlar boat first, see if your approach leaves a nice clear result.