clear blue hawaii Hanauma

-- Last Updated: Jan-22-08 12:10 PM EST --

Looking to purchase a kayak to snorkel and explore the florida keys. Wondering if anyone has any experience with the Clear Blue Hawaii Hanauma. I like the fact it has the clear window but am concerned it wont hold up well. Have looked at an Advanced Elements StraightEdge 2 and it seemed really well built. Hoping someone has some experience or advice on the clear blue Hawaii. thanks

re …clear kayak
hi …i don’t have any experience with these but i saw a guy on Maui that was using the Molokini model and he said it wasn’t very stable or paddled easily,(2 wide) He had outfitted his boat with outriggers to stabilize it. but it’s gr8 for viewing the inshore reefs around Maui.