Clear bottom kayaks

I have for some time now been considering buying one of the clear bottom kayaks. I know that there is an issue with scratching which I can deal with, but is there anyone out there with first hand feedback with these? Is there any particular ones that are prone to leakage or yellowing, etc… over time? Any feedback would be appreciated.


They rent them at Rainbow Springs
in Florida and we talked to several people who had them, and they all complained about just what you said.

Most of them were scratched so bad that the viewing was useless and a few said that theirs were so yellow that they couldn’t see through them.

I guess you will have to be really careful to keep them out of the sun when they are not in use.



I rented one once…

– Last Updated: Dec-03-05 8:25 AM EST – looked terribly scratched outside the water (this was in FL, but not the place jackL metions), and people were actually looking them all over carefully to try to find the one with the least scratches. When they were in the water though, the scratches were less noticeable. This was many years ago, but even in the water, i seem to recall thinking these were just not such a keen idea as the view was hazy (not like those aqua blue advertisements where a buff dudes paddles a brand spankin' new one on the sunniest Hawaiian day). Besides, where I paddle, I would see plenty of murky water, a dead fish or two, and maybe an old whitewall tire, that's about it.

Yes, I’ve known about the problem with scratches for a long time and finally found out through some of my diving camera housings, etc…that those scratches were not going to be a big problem.

Where I’ll be using them there will be little problem with scratching anyway. The beach landings will be the only thing to be careful with. The yellowing however is another bear. I’m hoping that I can get enough feedback about that here that I can avoid the materials that might be more prone to that.

The leakage I should be able to avoid pretty easily, but it would be useful if I could get feedback on which boats might produce a problem that I haven’t foreseen, or considered yet. After all, hindsight is as always as they say 20/20

I still can’t get over this clear canoe. It’s like some of these beautiful American women we have. There’s just something about it that even though I know it’s just not practical to have it’s still pretty nice to look at.

So the idea is
that you paddle around staring down at your own crotch?

I know, the pictures are seducing. But the price for this stripped down wide beamed, slow, flat ended waterplow, a one person canoe with no bells and whistles, sure makes you wonder if it is worth it for the view. Most people I think say no. And rotomolded or blowmolded plastic is not at all fragile; this looks to be stiffer Lexan type plastic that is much less forgiving.

Splash …
I don’t know man…

It’s all starting to sound a little weird…

You post a thread on a weird paddling scenario: dude with pigtails, dressed up like a hooker, showing up to go paddling …

Next thing I know; you’re considerig a clear plastic kayak?

Doing a little diving over there in Iraq; end up with a case of hypoxia, resulting in a loss of a few brain cells?

You be trippin’ dude!



I guess I sucked in enough dust, sand, and whatever else over there to at least do a little damage. You’re really going to think I’m nuts if I tell you what I’m planning on doing with these things. Let me just say with a few modifications it could open up quite a few new options in those hard to get to places that I go.

And btw, don’t talk to me about weird. I’m not the one thinking about smearing peanut butter all over my boat.

As for paddling around looking through the bottom of the boat? (or toward the crotch) I kind of like giving people something to talk about. But if they think that’s odd, then they ain’t seen nothin’ yet. They’ll never see me where I’m going anyway.


Listen buddy…
The next time we see each other ask me about my peanut butter incident; college coed, and a lost evening.

I did not spread peanut butter on the boat to attempt to remove the sticker residue; didn’t even think about it.


You Cant SEE
MY experience with clear bottom is you cant see unless your in the shade or you hover over it or put a towel over your head to make shade and look down. Its like looking outside in a lit up house into the dark you have to cup hands around eyes and press on window to see.We saw everything better just looking over the side. GOOD LUCK with your choice


tssplash…stick w/ your prijons. Yeah!

Not sure it’s a good idea
The only place you’ll get good view of what under the surface, you need clear water and lots of light. Where’s that kind of places? Probably Hawaii or places in the tropics. That would mean A LOT OF SUN. So whatever problem there might be with yellowing, it’ll be way, way worse in those regions.

I appreciate your feedback.