clear canoe

Check this out. I think this is cool. I apologize if this has already been posted. I haven’t been on here much lately.

Not much use on Iowa rivers
Our central Iowa rivers have so much silt and algae that you can’t see your fingers when you put arm in the water at mid forearm level.

I actually saw one of those…
a couple weeks ago on top of a car. Near Washington DC. Highly appropriate as this watercraft is clearly (pardon the pun) marketted to individuals with more dollars than sense.

It looks like it would be a fun novelty boat if I actually lived near a coral reef or something else worth looking at underneath a canoe - assuming the water is clear enough. Or if it comes with the chick in the bikini. Of course, if I had enough wealth to live near a coral reef, I would probably also have $2200 to blow on a clear plastic canoe. Or a chick in a bikini. But I’ve got to wonder, how long before the bottom gets so scratched up from normal canoe wear and tear that you can’t see through it clearly anyway?

SOF builders make clear boats
it’s not uncommon for skin on frame kayak builders to test paddle the frame by skinning it temporarily with a wrap of clear vinyl. Some even do it as a permanent skin, though more so to reveal the beauty of the structure rather than to see what is in the water below.

There is one on the home page of the Yostwerks site (the “Sea Rider” in the center) and several others in the “gallery” section of the wood frame boats.

Wonder how this would look
from underwater, from a gator’s point of view. Not sure I’d feel comfortable with that much exposure, but a clear window on the bottom of a hull could sure be entertaining in Florida.

clear kayaking
Funny thing is if I bought one I’d be so busy watching what I’m floating over that I’d end up flipping out a lot. Plus I’d only want it if it was a kayak.