clear kayaks

hi all…being a 2nd yr. novice @ kayaking…i enjoy looking at other boats …Recently vacationed on Maui and seen the Molokini model being used. the guy had Hobie Cat AMA sidekicks on it. interesting kayaks but very expensive. just wanted to pass along web site for your viewing pleasure.

Clear canoes, too
Saw one on a vehicle the other day. They were advertising the company on the vehicle. “Seethroughcanoe” or something like that.

Two words: Shark bait.

Two more:
Wear undies.

why do people in hawaii love
SOTs soooo much??

Ha ha !
You read my mind.

I couldn’t do it to my
baby, but I had thought about cutting out a 12" x 6" piece of the hull and installing a piece of plexi. Thought it would be really cool to see like that. Be easy enought to rabbet the outer edge of the plexi so it would sit flush with the exterior of the hull and seal with silicone. I don’t think that would weaken it either.

Build your own and save $$$

Same reasons…
… people in Florida do.

These are not SOTs

People, these are one-way clear only, no worries in paddling them nekkid.


a clear sea kayak
would be an invaluable tool!

imagine if you’re all wearing your’re polarized sunglasses and then as the instructor applied different force in the boat with his/her hips, knees and feet…would that force be apparent to the student as he “saw” the boat flex as the sunglasses revealed the stresses?

do i understand the polarized sunglasses thing correctly in my imaginary kayak class?

in any event, cool enough

Not so
you can see through both ways :slight_smile: Some outfit had a bunch of these “kayaks” (canoes)in Kihei a couple of years ago and suddenly they were all for sale. I think they would get scratched pretty easily but that shouldn’t affect the view in the water.

I have the unique ability to
turn my neck and look over the side of my boat. Very risky, I know, but it workd for me.

And I don’t want to see all the crap I run into and scratch my bottom with (insert funny bottom scratching joke here).