thinking of purchasing a clearwater designs kayak.i’m 6ft and 205lbs.thinking of getting the clearwater designs georgian bay model. can anybody tell me if this is a good choice. would be using it for rec., camping and maybe great lakes. thanks for your help.

It’s okay…
I have one for a loaner. It’s not too bad. I do have trouble with the hatch seals (it may just be mine). It does let some water in now and then. The boat is about #60. The cocpit cover is a bit of a challenge to put on but after a bit of practice it does. It stands up very well on rocks and oysters. It can be camped out of. No one that I loan it to has complained about anything.

never paddled one
Saw a Gaspe in a store in Naples once. I thought the plastic on the hull to be really thin and flexy and I really didn’t like the square hatch covers. However, I understand that there have been marked improvements in the plastic and the design so I really can’t say. i like the price but generally you get what you pay for.