ClearWater Designs?

I am looking for my first recreational/touring kayak. Looking for something “good”, but also have to keep price in mind.

I’ve found a place with what seems to be good prices on ClearWater Designs boats (, but have no experience with them.

Has anybody used one? I’m specifically looking at the Gaspe or the St Lawrence.

Good boats? Bad? Can anybody help??


sat in one
When I was first looking for a boat these appeared very interesting. I have never paddled one but I can tell you that the plastic appeared very thin and unfinished, the hatches were like shoe box tops on top of the hatch. they may paddle great but if that was the case, then I woudl expect that I would have seen a lot more about these boats in print. Can’t beat the price…they are a constant on e-bay too.


Decent reviews
I read several decent reviews of the Nunavut tandem when I was shopping, but I’ve not seen the boat. By the way, the correct URL is You had an extra “s” in the original.

Our own has user reviews
for Clearwater kayaks. The St. Lawrence has several reveiwers. Think one has had the boat for 3 or more years. Check out the reviews, maybe, if the email addy is there, email a few of the owners.

Thanks guys!

I saw the few reviews on here (only one for the Gaspe), but was hoping that some more folks had experience in one.

While everyone “seems” to be happy with theirs, I keep getting this nagging thought in the back of my mind. Not sure why, but I think I’m going to keep looking.

Thanks again!