Clearwater River: Orofino to Lewiston?

This year I am paddling and hiking the Lewis and Clark Trail from St Louis to the Pacific and in a month will launch my 16’ kayak at Canoe Camp at Orofino.–trail-journal/

I’m a competent paddler but not a real whitewater paddler. What can I expect to find on that stretch? What class of rapids? What spots to watch out for? Thanks!

Pretty quiet water
I have not done that stretch in years but used to do it regularly in an open canoe with two little kids. There are no real dangerous pieces of white water that can not be easily avoided. Actually paddle boats used to come up the river in the gold rush days. The only issues I can imagine are very shallow ripples and dodging jet boats particularly during steelhead season.

The river runs through a beautiful dry valley. I would suggest you might want to read up on the Nez Perce Indians that live in the valley. They have several traditional sites along the river.


You’re paddling up river all the way? That’ll be a LONG trip.

Bill H.

Already made it to Three Forks, Montana
You’re right, it was a long way!

Thank you Djo
I appreciate hearing about your experience.