Clearwater Tandem skirt for Pamlico 145?

I’m looking for a better TANDEM sprayskirt for my WS PAMLICO 145T (poly).

My current sprayskirt is little better than a trashbag, and horrid to don while on the water.

I was hoping the HARMONY CLEARWATER TANDEM sprayskirt might fit my PAMLICO 145T cockpit. It has zippers for the tunnels, which will make putting it on easier, and easier to vent when it gets hot (or get to gear in the cockpit).

Nope, I don’t intend to do anything stupid like rolling, I just want to keep some of the spray/waves out especially when cruising under sail.

There are two cockpit sizes:

Can anybody confirm that this will work?



two possibilities
If you paddle it solo, I suggest this skirt. It is Specifically designed for your kayak. It has an Anti-implosion rod to keep it upright and in correct shape

Or if you paddle with someone else:

You can even get both for under somewhere between 100-200 bucks. Good deal!

Just comes in one size, already designed to fit your boat.

I’m a Pamlico owner as well!! I love mine!! I have a 2005 Pamlico 140, which is now discontinued. It is the longest of the pamlico solo kayaks, at 14’.

the point was missed…
Thanks for the reply, but I already own BOTH of the sprayskirts mentioned.

The SOLO sprayskirt is decent, and has velcro that runs down the tunnel and down the deck slightly. This allows easy entry exit, venting, and access to gear in the cockpit.

The TANDEM harmony SPRAYSKIRT for the PAMLICO 145T is a waste. Little more than a trashbag (with implosion bars). There is no velcro or zippers on the tunnel, so putting it on, and getting to gear in the cockpit while underway is a major problem.

The CLEARWATER sprayskirt has zippers that run down both tunnels, and unto the deck slightly… again allowing easy donning, and gear access.

It doesn’t have to be super waterproof, it just has to fit, and shed some of the incoming water.


check sizes
The cockpit sizes are listed at the bottom of the page you linked to. If those are anywhere close to your boat size then it will fit on the coaming. Whether the tunnels are in the right spot for your seats is another question. Perhaps you can eyeball that?