Cleat mounting

Hello everyone,

I’m a newbie here and just purchased a Prowler 13 Angler. I am going to mount an anchor cleat to the kayak and wondered what everyone thought was the best way to do this. I’ve seen rivets with threaded inserts in them; is that what I should use or just get a couple of stainless steel metal screws and use some good caulk in the holes prior to installing the cleats?

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

Screws are not strong enough for a cleat
If you can reach underneath where you are mounting the cleat, I would recommend stainless steel bolts, flat washers, locknuts and caulk.

The Prowler 13 is a sit on top so I can’t get to the inside wall of the boat. I’m going to remove one of the rod holders to see if I can get in there and see the sidewall.

Try this site

Someone there will advise you

Just did this on my 14 ft Manta Ray
Get a zigzag cleat for the anchor line:

It’s lower profile and doesn’t have to be mounted up top. I mounted it just under my right knee. My rivet gun wouldn’t fit down in the cleat, so I used stainless bolts, big washers, and nylock nuts and a bunch of marine sealant (ie RTV sealant)…

If there’s an arm sized hatch anywhere near the area, try reaching in just to see where you could mount it with the bolts. Even with rivets, if you can get a big washer on it, you will spread the load more evenly on the plastic.

If you get something that can handle rivets, use anodized aluminum that are made to petal out (not just bulge) – also on the same page linked above.

CaptDick is a good place to look for this type rigging. No association, just a satisfied customer.