Cleaver K1 seat

I’d like to lengthen my seating position in an old cleaver I just bought. Has anyone else customized your seat on an ICF K1? How did you go about that?

What is the existing seat made of?

Probably the easiest option is remove the original seat and make a new one from minicell.

I’m all set now…
Thanks for the response. I was thinking along those lines also, but I didn’t realize that I hadn’t fully maxed out the foot pedal length. It was my firt day of ownership and it was getting dark so I hadn’t considered/seen all options. Man, is this boat fun! I’ve wanted a K1 for a long time.

glad to hear that you are sorted.
I agree that a K1 is a lot of fun, it makes training on flatwater exciting. I bought an old used one for next-to-nothing last summer to give it a go, and just upgraded to an Epic Legacy a few weeks ago. At least compared to what I had, the new hull is faster AND more stable – so the new designs are much more refined.

I wish that I had tried a K1 sooner. Once you get past the stability issues, paddling one is a dance – very responsive (and unforgiving). Once you can paddle with authority (rather than bracing and a reactive, defensive stroke), good form is quickly rewarded.

What is amazing to me is the dearth of information about K1, in the US, outside of the few Olympic training centers and some scattered hotspots. I haven’t yet found a dedicated K1 forum.

Greg Stamer