Clendening Lake, Ohio

Anyone here ever fished Clendening Lake? I’m heading there on tuesday with my kayak and don’t have a clue what to expect.


I suspect my reply is a little late to be helpful.

How did your time on Clendening go?

Clendening looks just like all of the other lakes in the district, without the development. The only developed place on the lake is the marina area. Everything else is forested. The weather was hot and sunny when I was there, but I managed to catch some fish. I caught bass along the shoreline and catfish in the deeper water. I wasn’t after catfish, I was trying for saugeye, but everything I dropped in deeper water picked up channel cats.

It is a pretty lake and I plan on going back sometime.


It’s been many years…
It’s been many years since I’ve been on Clendening Lake, but I remember it just the way you describe it. I’ll have to get back down there sometime soon—probably next spring.