Cliff Jacobson-esque question

so I saw a nice rain coat and pant set at a store today. I am ALWAYS looking for different rain gear. This is one of my personal quests in life to find the perfect rain gear, but to stay true to my cheap nature.

So they have 4 colors of suits there, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Of course Mr. Jacobson tells me that blue is out. I hate to have green gear…Color is my friend when it comes to my camping gear.

So now my buddy and I are looking at Red and Yellow. posing the question to each other which is better. Yellow is still fairly easy to see at dusk or in the haziness of rain. Red is great during the day. It is a wonderful color for visablity as well as the fact that people are trained to see red.

So if YOU were picking rain gear by color what would you pick? OH and maybe throw on the REASON you pick it.



It shows up better from the small airplane that you have called for.

Except in the fall in a deciduous forest.

Yellow here too…
I guess because it matches how I feel when I am approaching a bad Class III!



I vote yellow also.

doesn’t show the dirt as much

"… is a wonderful color for visablity as well as

the fact that people are trained to see red."

Not true. In perception studies, red is one of the

colors to be lost first.

What is your reason for blue being a no-no?

At my shop i always joke with customers
waffling on a color by stating that the brightest color (yellow here) makes for better body recovery in the wild.

If people don’t see me they leave me alone.

if people dont see you
they will sneak up on you. To have privacy in a busy park, make yourself known …otherwise you will have visitors in hopes of a campsite!

The body recovery is no joke. Bright if you are in an area where air rescue might be necessary. Color choice can mean the difference between rescue and recovery.

Blue or Yellow
I like yellow.

Is the blue for mosquitos? Because if it is raining they will be grounded anyway.

A fellow who was an airplane spotter once told me that light blue (the colour of those cheap tarps) is actually one of the most unnatural, and is easily seen from the air. Summer flowers and lichens are often red and yellow, he said.

I always opt for a bright color that
can be seen especially when buying rain gear. Chance are that you’ll wear it at sometime when you’ll want to be seen like in a parking lot, on the side of a road, etc. Why not pick a color that might save you from being road kill. Also, it would help finding the jacket, etc. if you remove it and lay it down to do something. You’ll also be less likely to leave it behind.