Cliff Jacobson Interview

This is just a small portion of an interview we did with paddling legend Cliff Jacobson. We sat down with him looking for a few sound bites for a film we’re working on about canoe camping. What we got was much, much more. I’ll be uploading more bits of our interview in the near future. Subscribe to our Youtube channel or “like” us on Facebook to get all our updates.

Mark Morrall

Morrall River Films

He’s an Interesting Guy
Enjoyed the interview. I’ve used several of his ideas over the years and never found one that didn’t work. I’ve also corresponded with him in the past and he’s very knowledgeable and personable. Thanks for sharing your link here.

Also find him interesting
though I don’t find all his methods work for me. I have had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and paddling with him once.

I remember his little books of tips and tricks. That inspired me to make a little list of my own for my use.(Just in case I forget lol)

Hey, that is great, Mark. Thank you.

Noticed and watched a Ralph Frese clip of yours as well. Made my day!

I’ve got nothing against him, as I don’t know the guy besides reading a few of his books. That said, I hardly think he is a “legend”. Plenty of folks spend a bunch of time out canoeing and camping, which is great. No need to put them on a pedestal just because they are skilled/experienced at something that is ultimately quite unimportant.

Better legendary figures:



Robin Hood

Paul Bunyan


That’s pretty much
all you need to know.

Didn’t cliff have some trouble going across the border with with group a few years ago?

I like to poke fun at Clif
for his overuse of exclamation points(!) But I do respect the fact that he has spent one heckuva lot of days and nights canoeing wilderness lakes and rivers, much of the time in the far North of Canada.

Give credit where credit is due. And that was an interesting interview.


I liked it
Maybe to those most experienced paddlers and campers, Cliff Jacobson doesn’t matter. For those of us are occasional “weekend warriors” and can get away longer–if we’re lucky–every two or three years, Cliff Jacobson is very, very helpful. Thanks for the clip.

would you accept “minor legend”?

Man, you set the bar high! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.