Clinton River Kayaking

Hello all
I’m new to kayaking around metro detroit, but have been doing it for several years in florida and CT. Just curious, when you drop off your kayak at the put in spot how can you be certain of its security while you are driving to the put out and back? I’m planning on putting it at Avon and out at yates. Any suggestions?

You can never be sure of boat security; unless it has your eyes or friend’s eyes on the boat.
Why to you need to leave your kayak at the put in, drive to the takeout; then turn around and drive back to the put in? Maybe you have some agenda I can’t perceive?
2 drivers take vehicles to the take out; they leave 1 vehicle at the take out.
Both return to the put in, in the one vehicle, with both boats, and gear.
At the take out there is a vehicle to return one driver to their vehicle left at the put in.
Boats are never out of your sight.