clipper canoes

Greetings -

I am looking for opinions about Clipper Ranger canoes! I’m considering buying a used Ranger just to knock around on day trips or weekends, and would welcome input from folks who have paddled this boat.


Alone in a Ranger? Try a Tonto.
And don’t forget your silver bullets.


Clipper Expedition
My Expedition (a 17.5 foot freighter) is really well made … i.e. it has very good fiberglass craftmanship evident throughout it’s construction. The 16 & 17 foot Rangers are semi-fast touring models … certainly not “tubs”. I’d say they are comparable to Wenonah’s Adirondack and Spirit II … decently stable shallow arched hulls that are modern, efficient and durable. Clipper’s fiberglass lay-up is quite a bit heavier than that of Wenonah’s boats though … many layers of cloth are used. They offer a wide range of lay-ups and support architectures (foam cores, etc.) for most of their canoes. Great seats !

“Product Reviews” to your left…
…has 3 Ranger reviews, under Western Canoes, which is the manufacturer. I’ve tried one of their solos at a demo day in rough water, and thought it was great.