Clipper "Escape"/ Wenonah "Heron"

I have not seen any mention of the Clipper “Escape” anywhere online (aside from the manufacturer specs). I can understand this, as Clipper does not have distribution in most, if not all of the U.S. The “Escape” in particular isn’t a “serious” boat, but is geared more toward the generalist paddler.

I’ve been looking around for a while, and think that it might be a great fishing platform/all around canoe. My short list contains it and the Wenonah “Heron”. Regarding the “Heron”, people have commented on its lack of tracking when used solo. I’m sure that it won’t track as well as a dedicated solo boat, but I wonder what kind of tracking it really has. Furthermore, I wonder that the tracking on the “Escape” would be relative to that of the “Heron”.

The “Heron” is longer and wider, the “Escape” is deeper. Perhaps the greatest issue for me at this point is wondering how much leg room the front paddler would have in either canoe (relative to the OT Guide 147 that I currently have).

So, any thoughts on the “Escape”, and my choice between it and the “Heron”? I’m looking at both in the fiberglass layup.

Both look good…
…for what you intend - if you and your partner aren’t on the large side. I haven’t paddled either, but I did use a Wenonah Fisherman for a couple years. I didn’t find it especially hard to solo, compared to other tandems. I would expect either of those to be a little better. A longer canoe will usually track straighter, but tracking is something that you can improve through technique and adjusting your load. Of course - both of those two will be a little slower as tandems than a longer canoe.

My Heron experience
I had a Wenonah Heron and regarding its tracking,… with about 250lbs(or more) in the canoe, it will track quite satisfactory but because its flat bottom and somewhat beamy hull, it tends to skid in wind and during paddle strokes if lightly loaded. Get a little weight in the boat to get the stems down and it paddles nicely.