Clipper Mac Sport 16.5?

Anyone has experience with this boat? I’m thinking of getting Kevlar or Ultralight - don’t want too much weight as it will be towed on the cart to and from the cabin every day, with 30 pound 2HP motor on stern.

I wonder how stable it is at 36" beam. Can you stand up in it in flat water? Can you walk from the center of the boat to the motor in rear, without crouching and hugging the gunwales?

I’m planning to use a tiller extension like on their photo in the link, may be a longer extension, with rear thwart and footrest removed (they removed it on the photo). Probably - paddling from that position too.

Looks nice.
I have a tiller extension that I bought to use with a gas engine on my canoe, but I don’t like it much. Also, I would need to extend the kill switch cord, which is kind of a pain to have a string hanging from my PFD all the way back to the engine over a long distance. Too easy to catch fly line on it.

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D, how wide

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is your canoe?

Yeah, socket for kill switch needs to be moved to the seat wherever this seat will be. Connected in parallel to the usual switch, so either one would be operational. Still have to walk a step or two back to motor to stop it properly with clutch.

My canoe is huge.

You don’t need one this large for one person to fish. I got it to be able to fit all four members of my family for some paddling / boating and also as a barge for potential camping.

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