Clipper Maverick - New solo/tandem

option. It’s designed for those that solo mostly, but sometimes tandem. The footbrace if for the center seat.

This model isn’t listed in the 2006 C&K Buyer’s Guide.

not new
It isn’t a new model. It’s been around for a few years.

I guess the Buyer’s Guide overlooked it.

looks nice
The web stie doesn’t have the widths on the specs. Plus for the +/- $2000 USD you can get a Wenonah Solo Plus. it’s ultra light is lighter.

But i signed up for the catalog


I had a hard time finding width too
but it’s there. 32" and 16’4" long.


– Last Updated: Dec-22-05 11:23 PM EST –

The Maverick has actually been discontinued. The mold is still there and a Maverick can be built anytime if someone orders one of course. It will not be in the new catalog however that is coming out shortly. The Tripper "S" has pretty much replaced the Maverick.

Cheers....Joe O'

Thanks for the update Joe.

No worries David (NM)