Clipper Tripper?

Does anyone have any first hand knowledge paddling the Clipper Tripper? I was trying to decide between that and a MNII for a fast do all tripping canoe.

my experience with a Clipper Tripper
I’ve owned a Clipper Tripper. While I’ve never paddled a Minn II, I have owned a Wenonah Jensen 18, which (on paper) has similar hull dimensions, and perhaps that translates into similar performance.

Comparing the Tripper to the Jensen, the Jensen gets a slight nod in speed. The Tripper gets the nod in stability. However, both are more than adequate in both the speed/efficiency and stability departments.

One thing I noticed in comparing the Clipper canoe to the Wenonah is the relative beefiness of the Clipper construction. I was really impressed with its quality. It definitely seemed to me to be more prepared to handle a lot of abuse. Which probably explains why the Clipper model is around 10 pounds heavier. Something else I really liked about the Clipper were its seats. To my big behind they seemed wider and shallower and just an all around more comfortable fit. Plus I like the drain holes.

They’re both great boats and you’d probably be well served by either. Between the two, for tripping purposes, I’d give the Tripper the nod over the Jensen. Especially if you need the extra durability. However, if weight is a concern, and in the fiberglass model (which I had) the Tripper is a hefty, though manageable, 70 pounds. But that 58 pound Minn II might make for a better choice if your tripping includes a lot of portages.

Clipper toughness
I agree with the comment above about the beefiness of the Clipper Tripper layup in fiberglass. My Tripper is almost 20 years old and has seen its share of rocky saltwater trips in coastal BC. It has held up superbly.

And yes, downside is weight. As I age, I think about replacing my FG Tripper with a Kevlar model.

Anyhone else paddling the Tripper?