close weave deck netting accessory

In the recent issue of Sea Kayaker magazine Aug./ pg.55 there is a Canadian kayak(Delsky) that has a close weave mesh near the cockpit to hold maybe a water bottle, bandanna etc… does anyone know who sells these? I called the number in the magazine but it was the manufacturer and they didn’t have any info. . These look handy, especially for recreational kayaks where your short on hatches.


Deck Netting
This stuff is hard to come by, but I own a Prijon Motion and it is equipped with deck netting fore and aft of the cockpit. You can buy the netting or the netting and install kit from Wildwasser.

You just get a mesh deck bag.

Ryan L.

Mesh Bag
I wanted the mesh netting for my QCC600, and bought a nice mesh bag from Northwater, as Ryan L suggests. It works well also

Seals sells what I use
Have one on my Zephyr, SO has one on her Looksha IV.

Thanks…this helps a lot!