Cloth anchors for canoe thigh straps?

Hi Everyone!

I’m outfitting a new (to me) canoe for whitewater. I’ve settled on the velcro thigh straps from Northwater.

My ? is around the between-the-knees anchor points. I’m not too wild about having two large metal D rings down there all the time; seems a good way to keep hurting my knees every time I shift positions in flat or slow water.

Has anyone tried using cloth anchors, replacing the metal D ring with a carabiner? My hope is to use metal D-rings for the thigh-level attachment and this cloth anchor plus a carabiner for the floor. From the images, they seem to have the same level strength of sewing.

Thank you!


Yes, I have used a bunch of them and they work fine.

I’m not a ww canoer, but these look useful. Is there a solvent that will remove Vinyl-Tec 2000 PVC adhesive residue without damaging composite, thermoform, or Royalex?

Excellent. Thanks!

I’m afraid I don’t know. I suspect light sanding would work.

I’ve used cloth anchors for the bag cage, but not for straps. I’d skip the carabiner - that sounds uncomfortable on your leg. Strap should be able to go right through the anchor.

I actually don’t think the metal anchors would be a problem - even on flatwater your knees are usually out in the chines rather than in the middle of the boat. What type of boat are you outfitting.

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You can usually remove vinyl adhesive residue using acetone or Methylethylketone (MEK). On a Royalex boat you need to be cautious and avoid prolonged exposure because these solvents will dissolve the vinyl and ABS of Royalex. Because the solvents flash off so quickly, they can be used for brief application.

I have removed the adhesive residue left behind from old patches on Royalex boats many times. But the underlying inner vinyl layer usually does have some degree of discoloration even after all the adhesive is removed.


It’s a Nova Craft Supernova.

I’ve called Nova Craft and gotten their recommendations on adhesives, etc., for the material.

The carabiner would be just to replace the metal loop. I’d try to match the size.

OK - assume you will also put in knee pads - that will also encourage you to keep your knees out in the chines. My Yellowstone Solo outfitting - the straps aren’t in the boat very often, but I always use the knee pads.


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As Ecklison said, the D ring is really not a problem if you align the anchor such that the D ring is parallel to the inboard edge of your knee pad. I like to position my inboard strap anchors as far outboard (close to the inside of my knee) as possible since it keeps your knee better positioned and keeps it from sliding inboard out of the chine. In that position part of the vinyl patch winds up underneath the kneeling pad so I always bond in the thigh strap anchors before the knee pads.

If you want to use the cloth loop anchors there really isn’t any need for a carabiner. You can just run the 2" wide thigh strap through the cloth loop so long as you get the 2" wide lightweight anchors. But the strap won’t run through the cloth loop quite as smoothly as through a metal carabiner.

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Thank you, everyone! Really appreciate the advice.

I have been successful with little MEK on a cloth to just soften it enough that you can peel it up with a plastic putty knife.

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Northwater makes some great outfitting. I have a box full sitting in my shop for one of my WW canoes and I am getting ready to order a full spray skirt for my Prospecteur 16.