Cloth on Bell kneeling pad separated

The cloth on my black Bell kneeling pad came right off the foam. How can I fix it so that it will hold up and not separate again?

Here is what the knee pad looks like.

I have a somewhat similar kneeling
pad by Voyageur, except that the non-skid fabric on mine does not adhere to the foam, but is held only by the edge seal.

Are the edge seams on yours still intact, or not?

If it were necessary to get the fabric to stick to the padding, maybe streaks of Aquaseal might work. At any rate, get the padding as dry as possible before your next step.

contact cement
I have repaired similar items using DAP Weldwood contact cement with pretty good results.

I have some DAP
At last, a repair I can actually handle. :wink:

or 3-M Spray Adhesive
That is what many use to re-attach fabric to auto headliners. Slowes and Home Despot sell it.


Happened to me also
My solution = Cooke Custom Sewing kneeling pad

Bag Lady
Sue Audette, the Bag Lady, makes comfortable pads that do not disappoint.

Fix, replace, or leave it off
The sticky spray sounds like it would work. And you can always buy one of those wildly overpriced laminated mats if you have money to burn.

But why do you need the cloth on top of the foam anyway? I have lots of boats and kneepads and nary a stitch of cloth on any of them. Cloth seems like an anti-functional feature that would just soak and retain water … and … uh … inevitably peel off.

It might be fine with no cloth
I found that I was always slipping on my Bell kneeling pad, especially when horsing the boat around in turbulence. I greatly reduced that problem by “painting” the places where my knees go with that liquid-plastic goop that is used to put a “comfy” surface on metal tool handles. My guess is that kneeling right on the foam will be fine, and even a bit less slippery than with the fabric. Nothing wrong with trying to glue it back in place though.

Wasn’t sure about that
I thought about pulling off the fabric. Wasn’t sure if the foam underneath would be affected.

Who is she and how can she be contacted?
Our pads are beginning to separate, also.