Clothing for Fall and Early Spring

Looking to do some flat water kayaking in the fall and early spring seasons. I would like some advice on clothing for this time of year. Wet suit or dry suit? I’m confused with the choices. I am not interested in rolling and hopefully will not enter the water unless by accident. Not looking for winter kayaking. Please advise…I am a female and ride a Tsunami 140.

Insufficient information
we need to know the water temps and the air temps of wherever the heck you are. Also the proximity to shore and how easily you can self rescue.

Up my way its always drysuit season.

If you are not interested in rolling plan for an extended immersion in the water. Ergo you may need to dress more warmly than rollers.

Fall in Florida and fall in Maine are two very different animals!

You didn’t mention location.
In Florida it’s shorts and a T-shirt. In Washington state it could be a drysuit.

Post where you live, and you will get
a bunch of good replies, which you can wade through and figure out what to wear.