Clubs/Groups in southeast Michigan?

Hi, all, new to the site as of today. I’m looking for a casual group/club to join for occasional kayaking this summer in southeastern Michigan. (I’m near Saline/Ann Arbor.)

I have two recreational kayaks (from Menards, so that probably tells you my skill level, although I’ll say I feel very comfortable handling them). So…any tips on a club/group from the list under the community drop down menu?

Thanks in advance!

LOAPC & Great lakes Paddlers
LOAPC is Lansing area will take you to the web site, Most stuff is done through a meet up. There is a link on the site. Dues are $10 per year. Great Lakes Paddlers are here:

Good people in both groups. LOAPC has a good mix of Recreational, Tripping, Open Water & White Water. Meetings are generally the 3rd Tuesday through May. We are headed for an Ausable overnight this weekend.