Clubs or paddlers near Orlando?

It’s a little over a week until I’m coming to Orlando and would like to join up with a group or individuals to kayak somewhere within an hour’s drive on Sunday, October 1st. There will be three women, one experienced (myself) and two beginners, who would like to paddle. We can rent boats if necessary, and will have a rental car. If some nice folks could provide spare boats for some or all of us, that would be wonderful too. Anybody willing? Tom Almy was going to join us, but plans changed, so now we have to make new ones. Thanks, if anyone can help.


I just checked the TBSK newsletter
and there is one paddle (Sweetwater Kayaks) on Ocober 1st (pasted below). The Bay area has lots of great paddling opportunities and is only about 90 minutes from Orlando (barring rush-hour). Even if that paddle doesn’t interest you, Sweetwater would be able to hook you up with boats/gear and advice.


1 Oct - Sun Chassawhoitzka River & It’sMany Creeks & Springs

Contact: Sweetwater Kayaks 727-570-4844

Description: Meet at 10 a.m. at the Chassahowitzka River Campgrounds Boat Ramp. From the boat ramp we will paddle up

stream for about 10 minutes to the head springs. Then we will see the springs at the old Yoga Center, followed by our favorite

Baird Creek and the crack in the earth. Then it will be onward to Salt Springs and its creek, before inspecting the old railroad

trestle and returning to the boat ramp.

Paddle Difficulty: Novice and above. Cost is $27 with your own kayak or $54 with boat rental.